Light Commercial Builds

Working on a commercial property can be a challenge for a small, local team because everything tends to be a bit larger. They aren’t simply the same as residential homes at a larger scale; they have different standards and building codes that must be followed. But at Bang Bang Building, we’re experienced and rise to the challenge. If you have a light commercial build in mind in the Southland area or need repair work done, call us and we’ll see it done right!

What kind of commercial builds have you done? 

We’ve worked on a few commercial structures in Southland including some major renovation projects. One large project involved renovating a building that had 26 bathrooms that needed updating—not a small task! We’ve also done roof re-pitching for better water runoff and drainage, along with other commercial work around the area.

For projects like these, we prepare in advance, because we know you can’t afford to have your business shut down while a major job is being done. In the roofing instance, we simply put up a large tent cover that protected the open-top building and let us work in any condition. We do whatever we can to make our work less stressful for you to minimise your worry.

Are there certain builds you CAN’T do?

While our team is experienced and prepared for many types of commercial repairs and builds, we can’t do it all. As a small, local team, any large, heavy-duty or industrial builds that require a large team with quick turnover would be better-suited for someone else. But if you have something smaller or aren’t sure where it falls, call us and we’ll let you know if it we can handle it for you.

Choose us for the best service in the industry

When you choose us, you choose a local team that puts your interests first. We make appointments based on times that work for you, and when we finish at a site, we’ll leave it as least as clean as it was when we began. And we always stand behind our work. See what we can do for you by calling us or filling out our contact form today.