Will the new laws affect my options for building in 2019

22nd Jan 2019

Will the new laws affect my options for home buying in 2019? In October 2018, some major changes occurred when legislation came into effect that changed the laws about who can purchase property in New Zealand. The goal of the laws is to reduce housing prices to make buying a home more affordable for Kiwis….

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Can Cheap Building Materials Cost You More?

17th Dec 2018

It’s a no-brainer – Everybody likes saving money.  Between getting an item cheap or for a higher price, 10 out of 10 people prefer spending less. But there’s a difference between building something cheap and getting something cheaply made. When it comes to choosing your building materials, quality is everything. Although the less expensive option can…

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Building Code is our Minimum

26th Oct 2018

5 Ways to go above and beyond building code when renovating and building new homes When builders are building to “code”, in general, we are building to the minimum standard. There are plenty of ways to invest in better materials and practices and improve on the minimum building code. At Bang Bang Building we believe…

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