New Homes

If you’ve gone down the streets of the suburbs in Southland, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of the houses are similar. There’s a distinct style that many homes share that can make it a bit hard to find a particular address for the first time. Having similar houses makes it easy for home builders because they can order in bulk and get more proficient with repetition.

While we can certainly build a similar home for you at Bang Bang Building if you’d like, we don’t limit ourselves to a few slightly different models. We proudly build custom homes as well, and love to a challenge. Come with us with your unusual design options and we’ll see if it’s possible to make it happen!

We can use the latest technologies for new home building

New innovations are being created in the home building industry all the time. While some builders stubbornly do the things the way they always have—even when it’s less efficient—we educate ourselves and learn as much as we can to become more knowledgeable. 

One method we’ve found to be particularly interesting is using SIPs panels instead of traditional timber framing. SIPs panels allow for faster construction because the inner and outer frames and insulation are all put in at the same time. Since the panels already come sandwiched with insulation, this also means that you’ll have a much better seal throughout your home, which can greatly lower your energy costs. 

Do you do the insides of homes too?

As full-service home builders, we can do it all. We’ve worked for over 20 years doing building and home remodels, and can make sure that your rooms look and function like you want. We can also suggest top-quality products for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and more, products past clients have been pleased with and would recommend. It’s important that your custom home meets your expectations for years to come, and we want to make sure that happens for you!

We stand behind our home builds

Whenever you work with us, we stand behind our work from start to finish. With a new build, many of the parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty that guarantees that they’ll last a certain amount of time. If they fail before then, let us know and we’ll liaison with them on your behalf. It’s just one of the many ways we go above and beyond for our customers! If you’re ready for a custom home or simply want to know more about the process, give us a call or contact us today.