Working on a commercial property can be a challenge for a small, local team because everything tends to be a bit larger. They aren’t simply the same as residential homes at a larger scale; they have different standards and building codes that must be followed. But at Bang Bang Building, we’re experienced and rise to the challenge. If you have a light commercial build in mind in the Southland area or need repair work done, call us and we’ll see it done right!

What kind of commercial builds have you done? 

We’ve worked on a few commercial structures in Southland including some major renovation projects. One large project involved renovating a building that had 26 bathrooms that needed updating—not a small task! We’ve also done roof re-pitching for better water runoff and drainage, along with other commercial work around the area.

For projects like these, we prepare in advance, because we know you can’t afford to have your business shut down while a major job is being done. In the roofing instance, we simply put up a large tent cover that protected the open-top building and let us work in any condition. We do whatever we can to make our work less stressful for you to minimise your worry.

Are there certain builds you CAN’T do?

While our team is experienced and prepared for many types of commercial repairs and builds, we can’t do it all. As a small, local team, any large, heavy-duty or industrial builds that require a large team with quick turnover would be better-suited for someone else. But if you have something smaller or aren’t sure where it falls, call us and we’ll let you know if it we can handle it for you.

Choose us for the best service in the industry

When you choose us, you choose a local team that puts your interests first. We make appointments based on times that work for you, and when we finish at a site, we’ll leave it as least as clean as it was when we began. And we always stand behind our work. See what we can do for you by calling us or filling out our contact form today.


There’s nothing quite like grabbing some friends and having a relaxing BBQ in your own back yard. But it can be tough to enjoy yourself when you’re worried about the logistics. Where’s everyone going to sit? Is your grill big enough? What if we get one of Southland’s signature surprise rainy days? You can cover these worries and more by getting an outdoor entertainment area put in by Bang Bang Building Supply. Then all you’ll have to worry about is whether you want your steak medium or medium rare!

Considering an outdoor deck?

Having a deck gives you a dedicated area to relax and enjoy the outside. But along with making a great first impression, it’s important that your deck is functional too.

We have various deck materials to choose from, and the best option depends on how you plan to use it. Composite materials are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance, but also cost a bit more. Hardwoods are cheaper, but natural wood can also warp or splinter if not taken care of properly. Let us know your plans and your budget, and we’ll suggest what we think are the best materials for the job.

Cook outside with outdoor kitchens

Some things just taste better when cooked outside, and BBQ meats are one of those things. This is especially true when your preferred cooking method lets off a lot of smoke—you don’t want to set off the alarms!

Grills and small countertops are basic features that we can install, but we can also do much more. Lighting can help you enjoy the outdoors late into the evening, and a refrigerator and sink means you can keep your outside dishes separate from the inside. Or if you’d rather, you can have it connect straight to your house.

Smooth indoor/outdoor flow

A popular style these days is to have a seamless flow from the indoor area to an outdoor kitchen or entertainment area. Typically, your outdoor area will be installed directly at an exit point such as your back door. Simply walk out that back door and immediately be met with a covered area with outdoor furniture and a kitchen area. Leave the door open and walk back and forth with ease!

Ready to get building?

For outdoor entertainment in Southland and much more, choose Bang Bang Building. We’re experienced with renovations and repairs and can even build brand new homes—with a dedicated outdoor entertainment area. You won’t be disappointed! Call or contact us today to get started or for more information.


When you live in a home for a while, you get used to the little quirks. There’s no range hood above the oven. Your sink only has one basin and there’s no room for a dishwasher. The shower is right next to the window and the ball shower arm is so old you can’t even find an adapter the proper size so you can put in a new one.

Just because you’ve dealt with these quirks doesn’t mean you have to put up with them forever. At Bang Bang Building, we do speciality renovations throughout Southland so you can make your house the home you’ve always wanted. It’s time to get used to living in comfort instead!

Putting the It factor in Kitchen

Kitchens are a hub for most hubs and for good reason—it’s where the food and drinks are! If you have a cramped, closed-off kitchen, it can get uncomfortable quickly. We can help make it more open and functional through renovation. Some of the things we commonly do include:

  • Taking out walls for kitchen expansion
  • Installing new countertops and cabinets
  • Adding in dishwashers and moving sinks
  • Putting in new stoves or wall ovens
  • Expanding cupboard space
  • And much more!

Make your bathroom clean and tidy

Bathrooms are another popular room for renovations. Many bathrooms, especially in older home models, are small and compact. They were a place to do your business and get out. Nowadays, a lot of people prefer to have an all-in-one, more spacious bathroom instead of a tiny, separate toilet room.

With our help, it’s possible to make that transition. We work with the best suppliers around to provide you with top-quality materials for your bathroom renovation. Want to replace your claw toilet with a shower cabinet? We can do that. Considering dual-flow toilets? No problem for us to install. What about luxurious, heated floors? We’ll bring the heat! If you’re thinking of making a major change to your bathroom call us up and we can help.

Bedrooms, living rooms, and more

Our experienced team is prepared for any renovation project you have—no matter how difficult. We love a challenge! Have an extra bedroom you aren’t using? Why not knock out the wall and make an expansive master suite? Thinking of putting in an outdoor entertainment area for BBQs and get-togethers? We’ll make the flow from inside to outside seamless. We can even assist with crazy ideas like adding a slide from the living room to the dining room that’s a few steps down. Whatever idea you have, run it past us and we’ll see if we can make it happen. Call us today to setup for a free consultation or to setup an appointment.


If you’ve gone down the streets of the suburbs in Southland, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of the houses are similar. There’s a distinct style that many homes share that can make it a bit hard to find a particular address for the first time. Having similar houses makes it easy for home builders because they can order in bulk and get more proficient with repetition.

While we can certainly build a similar home for you at Bang Bang Building if you’d like, we don’t limit ourselves to a few slightly different models. We proudly build custom homes as well, and love to a challenge. Come with us with your unusual design options and we’ll see if it’s possible to make it happen!

We can use the latest technologies for new home building

New innovations are being created in the home building industry all the time. While some builders stubbornly do the things the way they always have—even when it’s less efficient—we educate ourselves and learn as much as we can to become more knowledgeable. 

One method we’ve found to be particularly interesting is using SIPs panels instead of traditional timber framing. SIPs panels allow for faster construction because the inner and outer frames and insulation are all put in at the same time. Since the panels already come sandwiched with insulation, this also means that you’ll have a much better seal throughout your home, which can greatly lower your energy costs. 

Do you do the insides of homes too?

As full-service home builders, we can do it all. We’ve worked for over 20 years doing building and home remodels, and can make sure that your rooms look and function like you want. We can also suggest top-quality products for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and more, products past clients have been pleased with and would recommend. It’s important that your custom home meets your expectations for years to come, and we want to make sure that happens for you!

We stand behind our home builds

Whenever you work with us, we stand behind our work from start to finish. With a new build, many of the parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty that guarantees that they’ll last a certain amount of time. If they fail before then, let us know and we’ll liaison with them on your behalf. It’s just one of the many ways we go above and beyond for our customers! If you’re ready for a custom home or simply want to know more about the process, give us a call or contact us today.